Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook


I went into MadScientistMode Tuesday night. (my notes say 2006-02-01; it was after midnight when I dated them, i guess).

Internal discussion of Amaya reminded me...

F2 doesn't work on my debian machine due to funky USB keyboard... would it work on Ubuntu?

Ubuntu's support thingy, part of Launchpad, looks nice; separates problem reporting from bug tracking, like back at Convex.

I surfed around the source code management (delicious scm@@) and issue tracking (delicious @@quality) space for a while... what's new in mercurial/hg? ah.. 0.8 release. hg update.. works nice. (can't remember any new features).

What about bzr? Nice outreach/marketing on the web site... and nice design survey docs. But nothing as interesting as hg's revlog. I don't see it scaling to kernel development any time soon.

could hg scale up to the size of W3C's CVS service? What about ACLs? At W3C, I can check something in and decide later whether its http version is world-readable, member-readable, staff-only, or a number of other combinations.

My launchpad entry(@@link) notes my freenode nick; I have a password at freenode. Could they federate using openId, I wonder?

XOXO and VHLL notes

mindmap for GTD-style collection/processing?

quacken... dm93.rdf in sqlite... re-do search.xsl dbview? tabulator?

trac lighttpd hg sqlite