Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

25 Jan 2006

crap; This emacs CUA-mode doesn't really work. If I copy from firefox and ctrl-v in emacs, it pastes the last thing I yanked from emacs, not what I copied from firefox.

I rilllyrillyirillyrilly hate that.

I saw something about a gnome clipboard daemon... what's up with that? Ah...

It was stupid of me to think that I had the power to fix the Clipboard by creating one application. I don't have that power. Discontinuation of GNOME Clipboard Manager

So is there some standard brewing? Aha...

Qt 3 and GNU Emacs 21 will use interpretation 2, changing the behavior of previous versions. Standards/Clipboards

But... but...

$ apt-cache policy emacs21
  Installed: 21.4a-3
  Candidate: 21.4a-3

So wtf?