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That's short for: would you like to talk with me as I take my dog on a walk?

When the pandemic hit, I traded in my commute to KU Med Center for a walk with my dog Mojo.

my dog Mojo on a walk in the fall in KC

While we're out walking, I like to talk with a friend, family member, or some colleagues. Mojo really likes it because I lose track of time and she gets to smell everything more.

Usually it's a plain 1-1 phone call (or signal call). But sometiems it's a group thing. It's great to talk-real time with colleagues around the globe, but sometimes the tech reminds you that there's nothing like being there:

  • Zoom: the dominant player. Pretty reliable
  • Jitsi Meet: based on open tech. Also reliable in my experience. The main drawback is that recording isn't as well integrated.
  • Discord void: disappointing, especially since I gather the reason it was created was to provide a voice side-channel for gaming.

Contact me if you're interested to chat some time.