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OpenID "Hello World" on apache still deep magic

I have a home movie that I just want to show to just a few friends around the Web. With OpenID, I should be able to just give my web server a list of my friends' pages, right?

I eventually found a README for mpopenid with just what I wanted:

PythonOption authorized-users ""

But that wasn't on the top page of hits on a search for "apache OpenID". (Like most sites, mine runs on apache.) The top hit is mod_auth_openid, but its FAQ that says my use case isn't directly supported:

Is it possible to limit login to some users, like htaccess/htpasswd does?
No. ... If you want to restrict to specific users that span multiple identity providers, then OpenID probably isn't the authentication method you want. Note that you can always do whatever vetting you want using the REMOTE_USER CGI environment variable after a user authenticates.

So I installed the prerequisites for mpopenid: libapache2-mod-python and python-elementtree were straightforward, but I struggled to find a version of python-openid that matched. I almost gave up at that point, but heartened by somebody else who got mpopenid working, I went back to searching and found a launchpad development version of mpopenid. That seems to work with python-openid-1.1.0.

In /etc/apache2/sites-available/mysite, I have this bit that glues mpopenid's login page into my site:

<Location "/openid-test-aux">
SetHandler mod_python
PythonOption action-path "/openid-test-aux"
PythonHandler mpopenid::openid

And in mysite/movies/.htaccess, this bit says only I get to see http://mysite.example/sekret:

<Files "sekret">
PythonAccessHandler mpopenid::protect
PythonOption authorized-users ""

The mpopenid README also shows an option to put the list of pages in a separate file:

PythonOption authorized-users-list-url file:///my/directory/allowed-users.txt

But I haven't tried that yet. So far I'm happy to put the list right in the .htaccess file.