Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

25 Apr 2009

still outfitting this netbook... well, I brought the acer back and got the msi Wind U120 that I asked for in the 1st place.

The . key is tiny and shifte over a little. I regularly hit / when I mean . and I don't know whether I'll be able to retrain myself.

I'd like to try the Ubuntu netbook remix; Ubuntu recommends putting a jaunty jackalope daily build on flash drive; I tried that, but (a) it took forever to write 1GB+ to a flash drive and (b) the machine won't boot from flash drive.

Wubi worked, but having my Ubuntu world live inside NTFS doesn't feel right.

I have an external USB CD drive; I'll eventually use that to re-install, I think.

Meanwhile, Ubuntu doesn't seem to grok the wireless card. (There's a bug in launchpad and I subscribed to it. IOU one link...)

So I'm trying out Windows for the 1st time in years. I want to update one of my hg-backed web sites. TortoiseHg seems like a good approach... the 1st N attempts to download it yielded "file is corrupt" when I tried to run it; I didn't think switching from chrome to Opera would help, but it did. Hmm... could chrome really screw up downloading that badly?

Now I'm trying cygwin and ssh and such. Wish me luck...