Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

18 Apr 2009

I'm trying out a new netbook

The keyboard is quite small; at first, touch-typing didn't work at all, but I seem to be getting the hang of it. It's a good thing clicking on the trackpad works; the button is hopeless.

I hope/plan to have it run Ubuntu as well as the WinXP that came on it, but I'm really struggling to get Ubuntu on it:

* The ubuntu "jaunty jackalope" image (@@link) is 1GB, which takes quite a while to download and even longer to write to the SD card (I seem to get 1.1 Mb/sec sustained). * This machine won't boot from its media card slot (@@cite source)

I managed to boot debian-from-scratch with an external CD, but it couldn't recognize the ethernet card. What's the equivalent of lsusb under WinXP?

I'm using Opera rather than firefox just now; I figure if I'm gonna use a closed-source operating system (Win XP) I might as well try Opera while I'm at it. Boy, is Internet Explorer bloated with ads and such.

The google toolbar seems to bind a bunch of keys that I accidentally hit on occasion. Annoying.

This machine is an Acer; I could swear I asked the guy at Micro Center for an MSI Wind.

The USB disk enclosure is wrong again too: it's IDE when I need SATA. And the $20 wifi router won't play nice with my Brother HL-5250DN printer.

Let's try copying the image to a Lexar SDHC 4BG card and see if it's any faster...

connolly@pav:~/Desktop$ dmesg | grep Attach

[82241.020775] sd 9:0:0:0: [sdk] Attached SCSI disk

connolly@pav:~/Desktop$ sudo dd if=jaunty-netbook-remix-i386.iso of=/dev/sdk bs=1M

wow! MUCH faster!

692+1 records in
692+1 records out
725796864 bytes (726 MB) copied, 14.9489 s, 48.6 MB/s