Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

hAudio for microformats mixtapes, in progress

I was visiting a friend and I wanted to play Back When I Could Fly and the easiest way was to burn a CD and put it in their CD player and while I was at it I figured I might as well pick a few other songs... a sort of mixtape to say thanks for letting me crash there.

That sort of artifact is too precious to leave locked up in iTunes's proprietary format, even if it is XML; as I said in a July 2000 message

There are very few data formats I trust... when I use
the computer to capture my knowledge, I pretty
much stick to plain text, [X]HTML, and email. I use JPG, PNG, and PDF if I must,
but not for capturing knowledge for exchange, revision, etc.

So I wrote, which reads the iTunes data, picks out one playlist, and writes it out in hAudio format using a genshi template. The result is ordinary HTML at one level:

  1. Poems, Prayers And Promises by John Denver
    4:06 from A Song's Best Friend: The Very Best Of John Denver [Disc 1] (2004)
  2. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble by Delirious?
    4:42 from WOW Worship: Orange (Disc 1) (2000)
  3. The Reason by Hoobastank
    3:52 from The Reason (2003)
  4. Back When I Could Fly by Trout Fishing In America
    3:29 from Family Music Party (1998)
  5. ...

At another level, it's yummy Semantic Web data.

Oops! Well, it used to be; but hAudio seems to be changing:

Here's hoping I find time to catch up.