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05 Jun 2007

Not only does the nv driver not do 3D acceleration, it doesn't seem to do 1600x1050 resolution either.

The nvidia module in the debian non-free section blanked the screen and locked up so badly it required a reboot. When investigating options, that gets old real fast.

In #debian, the channel bot said:

<dpkg> from memory, nvidia_post_etch is update-pciids
apt-get install module-assistant nvidia-kernel-source
&& m-a
prepare && m-a a-i nvidia && apt-get install
nvidia-glx &&
depmod -a && modprobe nvidia &&
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

But that produced the same symptoms.

Besides... debian fonts are ugly, and they seem to be chosen by a zillion different configuration options; it seems to be a full-time job just finding them all.

So I'm running Ubuntu now. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I replaced the amd64 installation with the stock (quicken-friendly) i386 stuff.

It comes with evolution 2.10, I think. Slightly more polished. I wonder if subscribing to password-protected calendars works.

My code to print MS Word docs to PDF fell over; something about templates. So I'm trying to use OpenOffice instead. I almost got it working. Let's see if ubuntu support will help me out with this...

Bug #118789: trouble using ExportFormFields in uno API; PDF form controls are exported even when set to False

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