Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

Now is a good time to try the tabulator

Tim presented the tabulator to the W3C team today; see slides: Tabulator: AJAX Generic RDF browser.

The tabulator was sorta all over the floor when I tried to present it in Austin in September, but David Sheets put it back together in the last couple weeks. Yay David!

In particular, the support for viewing the HTTP data that you pick up by tabulating is working better than ever before. The HTTP vocabulary has URIs like That seems like an interesting contribution to the WAI ER work on HTTP Vocabulary in RDF.

Note comments are disabled here in breadcrumbs until we figure out OpenID comment policies and drupal etc.. The tabulator issue tracker is probably a better place to report problems anyway. We don't have OpenID working there yet either, unfortunately, but we do support email callback based account setup.