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Trip reporting with flock

This has been such a stimulating week that I wasn't sure how I was going to get it all into the web so that I could share it with everybody effectively. Being able to go back between editor and source views easily makes up for a number of quirks in the editor tab.

@@Ok, I get it now: POST is the way to write to the web. nobody uses HTTP PUT cuz FTP can do that. (and rsync can do it better.)

Flock gets points for XHTML, but

  • it doesn't seem to grok <abbr> (which makes hCalendar hard) nor <q>
  • the drupal spreadfirefox theme uses XHTML strict where blockquote can only contain block elements, but flock puts other stuff there. I'm pretty happy with flock's use of transitional XHTML; I'd be happy to change the theme. But I want them to get along, one way or another.

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