Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

webizing TaskJuggler

Going over my bookmarks I rediscovered TaskJuggler:

TaskJuggler provides an optimizing scheduler that computes your project time lines and resource assignments based on the project outline and the constrains that you have provided. The build-in resource balancer and consistency checker offload you from having to worry about irrelevant details and ring the alarm if the project gets out of hand.

Sound like this tool might be applicable to the hard problem of scheduling meetings with various constraints.

It seems to have a declarative project description language:

flags team

resource dev "Developers" {
  resource dev1 "Paul Smith" { rate 330.0 }
  resource dev2 "Sebastien Bono"
  resource dev3 "Klaus Mueller" { vacation 2002-02-01 - 2002-02-05 }

  flags team
resource misc "The Others" {
  resource test "Peter Murphy" { limits { dailymax 6.4h } rate 240.0 }
  resource doc "Dim Sung" { rate 280.0 }

  flags team

What might that look like in N3, i.e. in RDF that the tabulator could browse around? (See the N3 primer to get a feel for RDF and N3.) What would it take to webize the Taks Juggler?

Also... how does the taskjuggler consistency checker relate to OWL consistency checkers like pellet?