Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

Fun with Policy Aware Web at UMD, AFS/SVN at CSAIL

My January travel took me to MIT for a one-day DIG meeting where the main thing I can remember is discussion of CSAIL's support for SVN over AFS, and moving development of tabulator and dbview there so that students can commit without write access.

Then it was off to DCA for a Policy Aware Web project meeting where we reviewed the status of the demo, which is moving along nicely aside from a persistent problem in the cwm proof generation/checking stuff, somewhere near a unification algorithm. We developed a 4-party federated authorization use case involving OpenID and stuff. Stay tuned to see if we can build it...

I spent most of Friday afternoon trying to get ssh+svn to write to an AFS volume. I could get my kerberos credentials to go accross the ssh connection, but I can't seem to get the right AFS credentials while I'm at it.

postscript: Chris helped me get it working. The undocumented trick was setting the option "GSSAPIDelegateCredentials" to "yes" in my ~/.ssh/config.