Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

05 Oct 2000

Woohoo! my wireless woes are solved!. Thanks, hugo! Thanks to all the folks that keep the debian packages rolling out in integrated fashion. And thanks, Andy for the driver!

Here's the magic combination of debian packages:

| Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name           Version        Description
ii  pcmcia-modules 3.1.20-2k1     PCMCIA Modules for Linux (kernel 2.2.17).
ii  pcmcia-cs      3.1.20-2       PCMCIA Card Services for Linux.
ii  kernel-image-2 2.2.17-1       Linux kernel binary image for version 2.2.17