Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

13 Sep 2000

hmm... I wonder if this would be a good place for research notebook noodling.

If I ask for help here, I wonder if anybody will happen along and provide it. Hardware problems I'm wrestling with:

  • my 802.11 card, which worked for a while, doesn't any more;
    Sep 12 19:01:52 shoal kernel: eth1: WaveLAN/IEEE,
    io_addr 0x100, irq 5, mac_address 00:E0:63:50:4D:36
    Sep 12 19:03:51 shoal kernel: eth1: Transmit timeout.
  • printing is flakey. the debian lprng package failed, silently, to install. I think it was related to the fact that I disabled the lp0 module to free up an IRQ for the 802.11 card, but I'm not sure. It really bothers me that there was no error message (that I can find, anyway).
  • burning CD ROMs doesn't work. I paid the extra money for a nice SCSI CD ROM burner -- a plextor -- and it works about 1 in 5 times. It's never worked at the advertised write rate, 2x. The low reliability discourages me from even trying
  • sound is goofy. I got the driver to work (@@details) but now sounds, played thru esd, "stretch out" as if played thru a loopback/delay for about 5x their normal duration

Hmm... this textarea interface is a little too constraining for comfort. Can I come back later and add details to these problem reports? I wonder what that wiki tag is... maybe that would be more comfortable.