Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

Hello Spritely Institute! And Haunt. And Guix, again

Hello, Spritely Institute!

... ActivityPub, social networks, smart contracts, object capabilities, and secure distributed virtual worlds. ... freely licensed open source ...

Yum, yum, gimme some! Can't wait for mind-boggling stuff like this VRChat hack, but powered by ocaps and open source!

Privacy & moderation issues have triggered the permanent shutdown of millions of networked communities and the destruction of their relationships and artifacts.

I was just talking with @simonw about portable posts using ERTP. More on that later...

Nice site btw... shiny!

Powered by Haunt.

Keep talking... looks clean...

gives authors the ability to treat websites as Scheme programs.

Or maybe Scheme programs that are also Hardened JavaScript programs, using James / Jessie on rockit?

Let's give it a spin as-is before stretching it...

To install Haunt ..., run: guix install haunt

Ah yes... guix for ocaps at the systemd level is on my wish-list too. I have guix on my Ubuntu workstation, don't I? Let's see... guix install haunt... bingo!

Catching up with Guix after 55 days


guix install: warning: Your Guix installation is 55 days old.
guix install: warning: Consider running 'guix pull' followed by
'guix package -u' to get up-to-date packages and security updates.


15:38 jambox$ guix pull
Updating channel 'guix' from Git repository at ''...
Authenticating channel 'guix', commits 9edb3f6 to 2dfbd03 (5,405 new commits)...

Ugh... taking a while... I wonder what it's doing, so I hop over to #guix and learn that the 5K commits include a big merge recently. I'm just about to give up on it when it comes back to life...

185.4 MB will be downloaded
building /gnu/store/7y8wijc8zmbf8il1yzrv4ivmggi5zx7i-compute-guix-derivation.drv...
Computing Guix derivation for 'x86_64-linux'...

News for channel 'guix'
  Icedove 91: profile folder moved to `~/.thunderbird'
  `gdm-service-type' now supports Wayland

16:10 jambox$ guix package -u
The following derivation will be built:
33.2 MB will be downloaded

16:15 jambox$ guix install haunt
The following derivation will be built:

Thansk for the "News..." bit. The editorial discretion shows user-centered design. guix search is another breath of fresh air in contrast to the way apt and nix seem to grudgingly provide a search feature. Likewise:

hint: Consider setting the necessary environment variables by running:

     . "$GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile

guix install emacs gives 27.2 (2021) where Ubuntu gives 26.3 (2019). And guix install gnucash has the new sqlite3 and postgres support. Yes, this could be my tribe. I can't go all in yet because I use Brave and I think there's a reason guix doesn't support it.

Now let's pop back...

Blogging with Haunt eval, cont.

Stubbed my toe on ERROR: In procedure setlocale: Invalid argument. But guix search locale guided me nicely to guix install glibc-locales. Then asset processing failed with errno: "images" 2 because the homepage has (static-directory "images") in the example config but neglects mkdir images. (The tutorial doesn't have this bug.) Now we're rolling:

09:48 connolly@jambox$ haunt serve
serving site on port 8080

So close! If it were serving site on http://localhost:8080 I could just follow the link.

First post! by Eva Luator

There's my tribe again :)

But I doubt netlify supports guix as well as they support python and node.js. Here's hoping they do it well enough...