Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

Migrated from github pages to netlify for continuous deployment, SSL

A lot of the friction around my blog has been running the build step: re-constituting python dependencies, running the build, manually tweaking the results, and committing the build results to github pages[^1].

pmoorman turned me on to Netlify last fall, so I gave it a try: Holy shnikeys! it worked 1st try with no tweaks whatsoever! I told it my build command was ./site build[^2] and it picked up my requirements.txt, installed the dependencies, built the site and deployed it.

Fiddling with DNS took quite a bit longer, but I got free SSL for my trouble. Netflify pointed out a zillion mixed content issues... enough that I wrote a little script to parse their log and make the edits.

While I'm addressing hygene issues, I fixed the dependency vulerabilities that github pointed out.[^3] shows how I bootstrap with direnv and pipenv.

[^1]: I migrated from to github pages in 2015.

[^2]: When did I switch to frozen flask? Wow... it was 2012. Time flies.

[^3]: Darn. This footnote markup doesn't work because flask-markdown predates deprecating positional arguments.