Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

Talking to the web

Text chat is wonderfully near-real-time: you can think out loud and somebody might respond right away or quite a while later or not at all.

The random rewards of gambling are much more seductive than a more predictable reward cycle. — Your brain on gambling

I'm usually in the #swig IRC channel when I'm hacking, and this nugget from Dave Beckett hit the nail on the head:

<DanC>  lots about mouse clicks and files and folders. sigh. I think folks want TOC items like: instant messagining, email, and web browsing. maybe photo editing, CD ripping
<DanC>  "Configuring a CD Database" is under "9. Using Preference Tools"
<DanC>  er... wha? how do I actually see the documents that these search results refer to?
<DanC>  oh... wierd... the headlines are invisible
<Ontogon_>  dan, are you talking to yourself?
<dajobe>    he's talking to the web