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A big thanks for Web-iPhoto!

My wife does a photo shoot with the boys for the Christmas card each year. I wanted to share a digital copy of the photo, but our family photo archive is a mess, with N iPhoto albums on M macs and K backups on X linux boxes.

I know iPhoto is just JPG's and sqlite underneath, so it kills me that I can't just get at the photos with a web browser. I could code something up myself, but surely somebody has done it before, no? I've looked without luck before, but I guess I was using the wrong search terms. Today when I wished for "iphoto sqlite web server", lo! Merry Christmas to me!


Thank you, Dmytro Kovalov!

It works great on a huge iPhoto library backed up on this linux box.

Here's hoping I can install it on the macs in the house running various versions of OS X. I have lots of experience with python on macs, but not so much ruby. I sure hope I don't have to install XCode.