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Samsung Android phone is a jack of all trades, master of none

Smartphones let you carry a phone, a PDA, GPS, music, photos and lots more all in one device. But remember when you could call your sweetie just by picking up your phone and holding down the 2 key?    If I pick up my Samsung Vibrant Android Phone, first of all there is no 2 key, but if there were, it might just add to an email draft or pick the second photo from a list or any number of other things, depending on what I asked my phone to do when I last used it.

And yet I wear the thing practically everywhere; the only things it hasn't (yet!) replaced are my watch, wallet, and keys.

It's going to take a whole madmode series to explore the list of things it has replaced, or at least competes with:

  • PDA (which, of course, replaced a paper calendar, todo list, and address book)
  • cellphone
  • ipod (portable CD player, CD collection)
  • camera
  • videocamera
  • barcode reader
  • GPS (map, compass)
  • wallet photos
  • stopwatch
  • alarm clock
  • book
  • laptop

I wonder how long until I can retire my wallet. I gather the Japanese have pretty much done it. I hoped for QR codes on recepts... I think there's a place for paper... but it looks like we'll leapfrog that and go right to NFC for mobile payments.