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Roach motel indeed; sidekick XMLRPC service is no more

Roach motel indeed; sidekick XMLRPC service is no more

I went back to the most recent (2008-03) of my calendar sync items in the DIG breadcrumbs research blog and got from palmagent fired up, only to get "Connection refused" from


I thought I could write off the sidekick altogether at that point, but:

  1. Organizing weekend todo lists works with the sidekick in a way that I haven't managed to duplicate: lists on paper don't sort themselves by priority and due date; Google calendar tasks don't sync with the sidekick (nor with any usable android app that I could find).

  2. How do I call my brother from the car? Using a mobile phone without my contacts would be like using the Web without DNS.

  3. Android's crummy appointment notification reminded me how much I rely on a gizmo to beep when I'm supposed to stop coding and go to my appointment with the Doctor. Delegating this to a gizmo goes back to ~1996 when I first got a Psion PDA. (see some python code for psion files)

I'm not sure how I'm going to muddle thru this mix of google calendar/contacts stuff and sidekick phone... maybe I can use SMS reminders for calendar stuff, but you never know how long those things are going to take to be delivered; T-Mobile seems to deliver them 13 hours later in some cases.

For now, I'm going to pickle some state...

#swig notes

old calendar notes/links, circa 1999/2000

palmagent code: r423:4a5a8b2d237c 2009-05-01)

repository of sidekick data from palmagent/ 32:31a84807d214 2009-02-26

another repository of my PIM data: 596:6faa7311f865 2009-04-2, 595:b20e1f7fa468 2008-09-10