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Still struggling to catalog CDs

Still struggling to catalog CDs

I'd like to catalog a bunch of CDs. My cuecat isn't working today; I'm not sure why not. And even if it were, alexandria fails to make heads or tails of the list of ISBNs that I captured last time it worked.

I'm not quite ready to pay $40 for Delicous Library 2, but I'm getting there.

zebra looks interesting; I like the idea of scanning barcodes with a webcam.

I couldn't get the firewire DV camera that works great with kino to work with cheese or ekiga any other v4l app; dunno why.

I broke out the old USB webcams; they still don't work. lsusb shows them as:

046d:08b2 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Pro 4000
0545:8333 Xirlink, Inc. Veo Stingray/Connect Web Camera
046d:0870 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Express
0733:0401 ViewQuest Technologies, Inc. CS330 WebCam

lots of this:

$ cheese
libv4l2: error dequeuing buf: Input/output err

The Ubuntu community seems to track this as Bug #260918; I just subscribed.

p.s. quicken records show:

  • 2001/12/09 Best Buy Xirlink VEO PC Camera $26.74
  • 2001/12/29 Best Buy veo pc camera 26.74
  • 2002/12/21 COMPUSA #141 quickcam 59.99
  • 2003/11/29 MICRO CENTER #191 quickcam express rev2 49.99