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Web Directions North ski trip was a blast!

After my second morning of skiing with just me and my iPod, I was glad to find a message waiting on my mobile phone as I rode the lift:

Lunch at 10 mile station 1230

It's from Jason, who I met for the first time on this Web Directions North trip--two days of technical conference in Denver and two days of skiing in Breckenridge. Lunch with him sounds great! Now... where is 10 mile station and how do I get there?

It was noon by the time I got off the lift, so I asked the ski patrol guide. "Blue slopes," I said when she asked what level of skier I am; i.e. intermediate. To get there in time, she suggested taking Frosty's Freeway (an advanced intermediate blue/black trail) to the E chair lift and then down Upper Lehman to Ten Mile Station.

After meeting that challenge, I declared victory using brightkite:

Made it to ten mile from peak 8 right on time
@ Breckenridge, CO - 15 days ago

Brightkite is one of the conference sponsors; based in Denver, they provide a location-aware social networking service. My son Justin had asked me to tell him about skiing, so I figured that was an excuse to try it out and take some notes:

Loved that run... golden something? Short line @ c chair
@ Breckenridge, CO - 15 days ago

Lunch at Ten Mile Station was great. I was so hungry that even the crazy prices couldn't keep me from grabbing everything in sight.

Jason said he was headed for peak 10, "the southernmost part of Breckenridge, servicing mainly difficult and a substantial amount of intermediate terrain," according to Wikipedia. I couldn't decide whether to take on that sort of challenge after a day and a half of skiing. When Jason said we'd pause to take pictures, that settled it for me. So here I am getting ready for a pretty steep run:

Dan in front of a blue/black ski run sign

After a few more runs, it was...

Time to give back the skis. Sigh.
@ Breckenridge, CO - 14 days ago

But that wasn't the end of the fun; Microsoft sponsored an aprés ski where we all enjoyed some food and drink and music and chat:

Jason, Jay, and John apres ski

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