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Music Collections and Office Organization

Music Collections and Office Organization

It worked this time. I wonder why.

I have been trying to rip Paul Simon's Graceland using debian stuff for years. I was sure the CD was mangled beyond recognition, but soundjuicer on Ubuntu on this new HP pavilion just gave me a bunch of .flac files that sound fine.

I listened to this album all summer as I wrote 80,000 lines of HyperTalk code back in 1989. I think my copy was on tape at the time.

I wonder if the CD I ripped today is the same on I failed to rip so many times earlier or if this is a different CD.

This task is in my queue today because the music shelf in my office is poorly organized and overfull, and when I took my worship music binder off the shelf, this CD fell off the shelf. Rather than put it back on the shelf last night, I put it in my "in" box, GTD-style.

This wakes up all sorts of long-swapped-out jobs involving organizing my multimedia collection.

Mostly I don't do back-ups; I just send email and check stuff in using source code control (CVS for ages, but more recently hg... that's another story [@@delicious scm bookmarks]...). And I use google to find it again. But I don't have license to redistribute these flac files, so I have to manage them myself.

Part of me says: don't bother. If I'm going to fill my iPod (shuffle) with things to fill my head, they should be things that glorify God, and while Paul Simon's music is nothing nasty, I'm not sure it glorifies God. Plus, the whole recorded music oligarchy is an unstable marketplace just waiting for a revolution. "If you're whining about iTunes DRM, you're part of the problem," said a slashdot commentor that hit home for me. (@@todo: look it up and link it) much like a conversation with AaronSw about how songs and musicians have been around for a long time, even before you could get rich selling records; if the bottom falls out of the recorded music industry, humanity will go on.

MusicBrains solves the shared metadata problem for CDs pretty well, but Rhythmbox doesn't seem to automatically link to it like it used to. It does show album cover art...

In trying to figure out why, I looked in the help menu which led me to launchpad which links to IRC channels; those irc: links Just Work in Ubuntu. Yay! Except that xchat didn't realize that I was already logged into the Freenode network. Odd.

Better get back to other things... everything is so intertwingled I could go on and on...

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