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how much do I want to know about drupal?

breadcrumbs fell over, again, today. Disk full. Probably the spam database filled up with drek. Again. While googling for reports of similar problems, I discovered drupal 4.7 is out since May 1. They tout TimBL's blog in their release announcement. I wonder if they'd help us upgrade. Well, they do provide a video about upgrading. Maybe I'll find time to watch it.

Meanwhile, I discovered a couple interesting articles on the design/architecture of drupal and how PHP is used: Drupal Programming from an Object-Oriented Perspective and the toungue-in-cheek The Road to Drupal Hell.

I'm not sure how much of this I really want to know. As I said back in my october item on PHP angst, I'm mostly playing simple customer when it comes to drupal. But I'm having a hard time investing in technology that I don't know inside and out.

In a #swig discussion where I was considering Zope alternatives (the one-big-file design has lost its charm), it occurred to me that I have read (parts of) the source to most everything that currently backs my personal web site Zope, the python interpreter, libc, various bits of debian infrastructure, and the linux kernel. I wonder when that will become totally impractical, and I'll understand my web site no more than I understand my car.