Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

Fun with Embedded RDF and DOAP for the GRDDL profile

I just updated the GRDDL profile page to document the easy way to use GRDDL before the hard way.

This past week I swapped in all sorts of travel details and redid the travel schedule on my homepage as a result; I switched to hCalendar rather than my own home-grown schedule dialect while I was at it, and replace my FOAF dialect with Embedded RDF.

Since that went so well, and I don't care to go mucking with XHTML at the DTD level, I took the RDDL and XLink markup out of the GRDDL profile page and replaced it with embedded RDF.

In order to document the domains and ranges of the GRDDL properties, their id attributes had to be on an element that dominates those links, i.e. it had to be on the dd element rather than the previous tt element. That clashes with the way XMDP uses id attributes, so I'm not using XMDP markup either. I'm just using Embedded RDF for the RDF Schema bits.

I figured the link to the mailing list archive deserved to be a 1st-class link, so I used DOAP. The DOAP schema is quite tabulator-happy. Good work there.