Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

08 Jul 2005

The --xml-output option on darcs commands is something I hope hg picks up; let's not do much more microparsing than we have to.

OpenID looks kinda cool, but I don't quite see how it works; I hope they add a story/example showing what happens if a black hat puts my homepage URL in the field.

Some CVS (related) features I depend on that I wonder if/when hg has: emacs support (ctrl-x-v-v is burned into my medulla), keywords support.

Hmm... PHP is clearly the dominant server-side deployment vehicle these days. I wonder if its namespace management will catch up with Modula-3 and python... or if the .NET/mono CLR stuff has much chance; IronPython and the like look promising. I suppose JSP hosting is a commodity these days... and .Net... I wonder what the prices and trends are; and I wonder if there's mono hosting yet.

Hmm... a bunch more certs... ugh... they're all spam. How do I certify somebody as pest or fraud or leech?