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Using hCard, XSLT, and RDF to sync the family cellphones

Using hCard, XSLT, and RDF to sync the family cellphones

Mary got a new Motorola V188, which iSync supports. Buoyed by the success of moving the kitchen calendar from paper to iCal, I took her paper address book and keyed it into Apple's addressbook. Now I want to sync (or at least copy) several of the categories (family, medical) from the contacts in my gizmo to hers.

In , produces contact.rdf; I could use N3 rules to convert that to a vCard RDF vocabulary, and then do a syntactic RDF to vCard syntactic transform, but I'm a little down on N3 rules lately; the rules I use to process my calendar are really slow. I have been thinking about having spit out .ics format directly. Or maybe having it spit out RDF diffs is the way to go...

Meanwhile, there's hCard, whence comes X2V including xhtml2vcard.xsl. And I'm a big fan of using XHTML to archive important data anyway, so I think I'll write some XSLT to convert contact.rdf to XHTML and then use xhtml2vcard.xsl to get vcard syntax.

grumble... advogato diary entries don't have titles, do they?

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