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taking the plunge to Ubuntu Hoary

taking the plunge to Ubuntu Hoary

For those of you who have missed the daily churn of new packages, Hoary is for you.

-- GuideToHoary

They've got me pegged. I've been scratching the itch with some 3rd party repositories and having trouble. If Hoary is just two months from release, I'm sure it'll work well enough for the kids' PC.

OS X keychain trustworthy?

Every time I log in with SSH Agent, that little "add to keychain" checkbox is staring at me, but I don't know if keychain source is open to the security community, and I don't understand its architecture. Any reading recommendations? Maybe drop them in the keychain tag.

postscript: yes, it's trustworthy. under the hood of the OS X keychain -- 19 Feb 2005. Love having a separate keychain for financial stuff. Camino groks, but Firefox doesn't. But Camino doesn't grok type-ahead-find... BrowserChecklist