Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

Trying znc IRC bouncer to stay in touch with the ocap community

I'm typically connected to IRC channels for a few ocap projects etc.:

#erights #genode #idris #indieweb #monte #ocaml #sandstorm #swig

I use hexchat to connect to these channels on freenode but netsplits and other failure modes inherent in IRC make for annoying little gaps in the connection from time to time.

An ice storm here in Kansas City gives me a chance to install the znc IRC bouncer in my home office, after a few months of positive experience at work.

Both znc --makeconf and HexChat znc config want me to specify passwords, servers, and channels. I don't have a clear mental model of how it's supposed to work, but I managed to muddle through, I think. Where to back up the config? Passwords don't fit in a dotfiles repo... ok, kbfs += znc-irc-bouncer-config.tgz, hexchat-irc-client-config.tgz.