Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

Fun with @ski at Agoric "Hack the Orb"

Suhail Manzoor @suhailski · Dec 7 Replying to @dckc

The pleasure was all mine Dan :)

dckc/umqhele 20cdf68 on Nov 23 forked form ski/umqhele

Relevant people

  • Dan Connolly @dckc writing software to support health research; using capability security whenever I can
  • Suhail Manzoor @suhailski A cultural refugee in Edinburgh who is still trying to search and sort his way through life. Retweets are often endorsement but sometimes not.
  • Agoric @agoric We believe smart contracts enable the future of global economic cooperation. Agoric provides a safer, simpler way to program smart contracts.