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The Voters First Pledge: what do my elected representatives have to say?

I find politics so distasteful that I rarely get directly involved, but on June 4, after I watched Inside Job, I felt compelled to exercise my right to petition government for redress of grievances. I wrote the following to my elected representatives, Moran and Roberts, via opencongress:
Representative democracy in America has clearly been corrupted by big-money interests.

The Fair Elections Now Act S.750 and the The Voters First Pledge look like reasonable steps, to me.

I don't see you among the supporters.

Please sign the pledge, or at least explain to me your position on the bill.

Thanks for your consideration and your service to our country.


Daniel W. Connolly

I got automated acknowledgement of receipt from both of their offices, but no response since. I don't expect more than a form letter. How long does it take to send one of those? Over a month, evidently.