Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

14 Oct 2005

My XML 2005 late-breaking news proposal was accepted: Semantic Web Calendaring: RDF Calendar, hCalendar, and GRDDL. See the conclusions and future work section of the RDF Calendar report for some of what I'm going to talk about: getting RDF data out of hCalendar using GRDDL, and then querying it with SPARQL.

Debian Unstable Turns out I didn't need to build a new kernel to install the nvu debian package. apt allowed me to upgrade libc without removing my win4lin kernel package. After that, installing nvu worked ok.

Trying to upgrade a bunch of other stuff resulted in a conflict between some libraries used by evince. I had to endure the usual abuse before getting the clues I needed in the #debian channel: #327145: gnome-desktop-environment: unsatisfiable dependencies. So I had to remove the gnome and gnome-desktop-environment packages.

tags: rdf, semantic web, calendar, debian