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Grokking Triples from Spreadsheets

Grokking Triples from Spreadsheets

Sean notes that there are lots of triples in spreadsheets. Yup. After my Aug 2003 trip to Montreal for Extreme, I used gnumeric as an RDF authoring tool to collect all the gas receipts and such; then the Makefile has this stanza to convert it to RDF:

triplog.rdf: triplog.xml grokSheet.xsl
    $(XSLTPROC) --novalid grokSheet.xsl triplog.xml >$@

I haven't scrubbed the data, so this is somewhat incomplete as a demo.

Yes, this is another GRDDL style transformation.

A comment on Sean's blog said "don't forget RDBs". Of course not. See Relational Databases and the Semantic Web; I hope to update my implementation, to use SPARQL before too much longer.

Hmm... where are timbl's slides on RDF, trees, tables, and such?