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Using XSLT to get from XHTML to LaTeX

Using XSLT to get from XHTML to LaTeX

The ISWC2004 deadline got extended by a couple weeks just as one of TimBL's design issues articles was looking like it might make a good paper. When I saw that the submission instructions required a certain form of LaTeX, I couldn't help automating the conversion from XHTML using my favorite hammer, XSLT.

The result not only scratched my itch but evoked some "gimme!" responses from a few of my peers.

So here you go: Transforming XHTML to LaTeX and BibTeX.

ConnectingAudiences: WWW2004 in NY

It was good to see everybody at WWW2004 in New York. Thanks to edd, dajobe, and various people with IRC clients, we have community coverage. Good thing, since I didn't manage to stay for dev day.