Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

13 Jan 2004

Finally released, a gateway between AIM and IRC after factoring the passwords out of it a few days ago (3Jan rdfig entry). Now supports the basic /server, /join, and /part and a few other goodies...

It's based on twisted; after puzzling over the twisted python APIs a bit, I like its architecture and design even more. Deferreds are like promises in ... hmm... scheme? E? one of those languages... Nice alternative to locking and threads.

I wrote this thing because my WearableGizmo, a t-mobile/danger sidekick, has very handy IM support, but it's AOL, and the rest of my peers use IRC.

As an example, I was out of the office going to the Steamboat Arabia museum with family Friday, but I kept my gizmo tuned into one of the channels from work. There's a meeting coming up 22 Jan, and somebody said they'd found a cheap flight, as long as I booked it that day. Using the gizmo's IM and email support, I was able to negotiate the itinerary with our travel support folks in the spare moments at the museum. Nifty!