Dan Connolly's tinkering lab notebook

06 Dec 2003

holy price-wars, batman! color sidekick for $20 at amazon!

It's my WearableGizmo of choice. t-mobile provides flat-rate data. Crunch all you want. Hiptop google rocks. Real POP/SMTP email. The recent update even supports IMAP! and ssh! The instant messaging support can be really handy; it's AIM, which kinda sucks, but I gateway it to IRC pretty effectively (it's a trivial hack based on twisted python; if I get around to enhancing it to be non-trivial and factoring the passwords out, I'll make the code available).

My birthday is tuesday; buy one for yourself and send me an amazon affiliate kick-back as a gift!

various terms and conditions apply: This price is after rebate, of course. $35 activation fee, maybe a 1-year contract, etc.

but I'm confident you'll like the thing for a year.

Speaking of gift giving... if you're feeling generous, take a look at my amazon wishlist. one click ordering! ;-)

hmm... thinking about an article on saying thanks in the gift culture.

see you at XML 2003?

I'll be there at the W3C TAG town hall and the Practical RDF thingy. If you can't be there, I'll be taking notes in IRC and weblogs and such. Gotta remember to get my PGP gear ready. One for my travel checklist.

In praise of gnumeric

MichaelCrawford, do try it. I use it to send travel expense reports every month; it interoperates with the .xls world plenty well for my tastes. I was using it to visualize the disk space on my machine just the other day, when learning about LVM.

conversing accross communities and such

Umm... I'm new to this business of conversing accross advogato diaries... will MichaelCrawford get some form of notification that I linked to him from my diary?

started this item in rdfig. hmm... gateway my rdfig items here? selected ones? </b>

Hmm... composing articles in HTML source in a browser form sucks... er... itches... gotta scratch it with some code. This is worse than wiki (a pretty tolerable form of poor mans hypertext. Anybody got advogato integrated with emacs so I could use James Clark's awesome nxml-mode? Let's keep working toward immersive hypertext editing, OK mozilla and evolution folks?